2SLGBTQ+ Peer Mentorship Program


Welcome to Calgary Outlink’s 2SLGBTQ+ Mentorship Program! If you're looking for a little extra support, guidance on navigating life as an 2SLGBTQ+ person, or some community connection, this program may be for you!


We have started this program in hopes of bringing community together and offering some support to those that are looking for it. We encourage learning from each other's rich and diverse experiences, and  sometimes the best knowledge comes from lived experiences and community relations. We want you to have the opportunity to share that! We also know that sometimes folks need a little help, support, and positive influence in their lives. Our program is here to make that happen!


If you are interested in being a MENTEE:

  • You’re age 13+ (no age limit)

  • You can make a 4 month commitment to being a mentee (January-April 2022)

  • You’re open to meeting someone new and learning from each other

  • You will adhere to COVID safety protocols


Please note that if you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign a consent form to participate in the program. If this will be an issue for you, please contact us.


Applications for mentees will close on Monday, November 22, 2021. 


If you are interested in being a MENTOR: 

  • You’re age 25+

  • You can be a mentor for 4 months (January-April 2022) - if not matched this time you have the option of volunteering in another role at Outlink and/or re-applying in the future

  • You can partake in a mandatory 24 hour peer support training in November 2021*

  • You want to have a positive impact on someone’s life

  • You have good communication skills or are working at it 

  • You are friendly and approachable

  • You’re willing to provide a police check with vulnerable sector search (we will cover the cost)

  • You will adhere to COVID safety protocols


*Note about volunteer training:

Sessions will be held on evenings and weekends. Each session is 1-4 hours long and will be held on a virtual platform. Evening sessions will be 3 hours max. We strongly advise volunteers not to miss any sessions, however if you need to miss one please let us know. There are a couple sessions that can’t be missed, but if it is not one of those sessions we can look at making alternative arrangements. 

If you would like to apply to be a mentor, you can do so here. Applications will close at 4pm on Tuesday, October 5th. 



How it works:

Pairs will be matched and introduced through an Outlink staff. Mentees and mentors will decide how often they want to communicate and/or meet up. They will also decide their own boundaries and what they want their mentorship relationship to look like. Mentors must record time and date of communications with their mentee. 


Both the mentee and mentor will have a check-in one month into the program to see how it’s going. After that, the mentor will be required to check in once a month through an online form. When the contract ends, both the mentee and mentor will fill out a feedback form. 


What happens if there’s an issue? We will provide a conflict resolution skills handout that can help with addressing conflict. We encourage conflicts to be addressed and resolved between the two of you. If this isn’t possible or you need more help, you can contact Outlink staff. 


*We will try our very best but there is no guarantee that you will be matched* 


If you are not matched this time, please re-apply in the future!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!